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For Professionals

As a professional, you want to know that your client is in the best possible hands in between sessions.

We can help.

  • MentorCONNECT is 100% pro-recovery and closely moderated by our volunteer leadership board, which is comprised of recovered persons, clinicians, researchers and administrators
  • Our community's Support Forums are password-protected, which means that any member's private communications are forever safe from public access
  • Our volunteer mentors are extensively pre-screened by a team that includes lay and licensed professionals

What this means is that we take our members' recovery very you do.


Cooperation with Professionals Committee

Our Cooperation with Professionals Committee Packet outlines how MentorCONNECT can best support the important work that you do.

NOTE: Please also be aware our mentors work in a non-medical, non-clinical peer-support capacity (even if they hold professional credentials outside their volunteer work with MentorCONNECT). This service is specifically designed as an additional source of ancillary support only, and as such is not suitable for mentees in the very early/critical stages of recovery, whether or not they have a professional team in place.



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Mentor: a trusted guide who has knowledge and experience in a certain area, and is willing and able to share it.
Mentee: a person in need of guidance and instruction, and is willing to receive it.

This forum is provided as an option to connect those in strong recovery with those who are striving to strengthen in their recovery. It is NOT meant to replace the supervision and care of a qualified medical professional, and should never be construed as such. Use this service at your own risk. MentorCONNECT can NOT be held liable for any activities undertaken as a part or result of participating in this service.

NOTE TO MINORS: Before participating, obtain permission from your parents or legal guardian(s).