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MentorCONNECT offers three different levels of membership and an extensive list of benefits - all absolutely free!

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Membership Benefits

  • One-on-one mentoring matches (Mentee and Mentor Level memberships only)
  • Group mentoring support provided for individuals suffering with anorexia, bulimia, EDNOS and BED
  • Ages 14 and up are welcomed
  • 100% pro-recovery community moderated 24/7 by real live human beings!
  • Password-protected Community Forums where all communications are private and secure
  • Ability to create your own recovery blog
  • Access to more than two dozen themed online discussion groups
  • Weekly live chat-based support groups moderated by trained leaders
  • Personalized profile pages complete with private email boxes
  • Hands-on, caring Leadership Team
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly mentoring e-newsletters for extra support
  • Free monthly teleconference series with nationally-known eating disorders experts


Choose Your Level of Membership (click on your chosen graphic to start the application process)

As a Mentor Level member, you join us to offer your strength, hope, and personal recovery experience to your mentee. You must be 18 or older to apply at this level.

You must have a minimum of 12 consecutive months in sustained recovery (defined as "largely free from eating disordered thoughts and coping behaviors") in order to apply at this level. Additional restrictions also apply.

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As a Mentee Level member, your membership benefits include the option to receive one-on-one recovery support from a mentor (recovered person) in addition to accessing group mentoring support, available through our Community Forums.





As a General Support Level member, you join to access our group support options only, available through our Community Forums. 

NOTEStarting November 1, 2016, general support level membership has been temporarily suspended while we work to better serve you. You are welcome to apply as a mentee level member instead, or bookmark this page and check back frequently for updates. Thank you for your patience and understanding!








Mentor: a trusted guide who has knowledge and experience in a certain area, and is willing and able to share it.
Mentee: a person in need of guidance and instruction, and is willing to receive it.

This forum is provided as an option to connect those in strong recovery with those who are striving to strengthen in their recovery. It is NOT meant to replace the supervision and care of a qualified medical professional, and should never be construed as such. Use this service at your own risk.
MentorCONNECT can NOT be held liable for any activities undertaken as a part or result of participating in this service.

NOTE TO MINORS: Before participating, obtain permission from your parents or legal guardian(s).